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Mr. Gyamfi-Aidoo

Mr. Gyamfi-Aidoo

Employment and Experience:

Mr. Gyamfi-Aidoo is a consultant on capacity and development services, and is based in South Africa. In previous life he worked for the United Nations Development Programme (May 2010 – December 2014), the World Bank (October 1998 – December 2001), the Remote Sensing Applications Unit, University of Ghana (January 1994 – September 1998), and the Environmental Protection Council (now Environmental Protection Agency -- January 1982 – December 1993). He also held various consulting positions for various organizations including the Human Sciences Research Council (South Africa), International Institute for Communication and Development (The Netherlands), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, United Nations Environment Programme, World Resources Institute, and the National Development Planning Commission.

As a result of the various professional positions held, affiliations and leadership roles he has accrued wide-ranging experiences including management, strategy formulation, programme development, project formulation, implementation and operational management. He also brings skills in out-of-the-box thinking, change management, managing teams, group dynamics and multi-stakeholder facilitation.

Mr. Gyamfi-Aidoo has considerable strong leadership, organisational, management, programme and work planning, co-ordination, and problem-solving, and project management skills. In addition, having worked at the national, regional and international levels, he has rich insights, perspectives, considerable wealth of knowledge and experience with development issues, and a very valuable network of individuals and organizations.


Year Institution
1969 – 1974 Suhum Secondary/Technical School, Suhum, Ghana.
1974 – 1975 Liceo Scientifico ‘S. Galillei’, Feltre, Italy (Exchange Student)
1975 – 1977 Ghana Secondary/Technical School, Takoradi, Ghana
1977 – 1980 University of Science and Technology (UST), Kumasi, Ghana (B.Sc., Hons., Physics, 1980)
1990 – 1991 University of Aberdeen, Scotland (M.Sc., Environmental Remote Sensing, 1991)

Professional Training and Skills Development:

  • Certificates in information management, and environmental management, including:_
  • Environmental Safeguard Policies (World Bank, Washington, D.C.) – March 2000
  • Management development (Development and Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford– November 1993; April/May, 1994
  • Geo-information management and analysis (Kampsax International/RH&H Consult, Copenhagen, Denmark (October – November, 1994); National Remote Sensing Centre, Farnborough, UK (September, 1994); Hunting Technical Services Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK (October - November 1991); Regional Remote Sensing Centre (CRTO), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (January – March, 1984)