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Mr. Kwame Twum-Ampofo

Mr. Kwame Twum-Ampofo

Mr. Kwame Twum-Ampofo is currently the Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Maxpal Intermediaries Ltd, an Insurance Brokerage company which has been in existence since 1994.He has over twenty-three years of working experience in underwriting, claims procedures and settlements as an employee with the state Insurance Company (SIC).

He began his career at Middle School (Asiakwa  Presby  Boys MSLC)from 1959-1962.He decided he needed greater professional challenges, at various times from1965-1992. He then undertook courses to qualify for GEC ‘O’level.The zeal to update himself gave him the opportunity to attend various courses. Few of them are:

  • Effective Selling and Marketing –CB Associates certificate-1993
  • Re-insurance of Bonds-UK Bond Agents of London-1997
  • Quality Management and Service Excellence-AMSOC(GTC)-2003
  • Tools for implementing Advocacy Action-Busac- certificate-2004
  • Effective leadership Programme-NSV(Netherlands)-certificate-2003
  • Instruction in Management- Georgia University- certificate-2004

The aim in which his work and ideas would be effectively used and create a niche in the market place that could facilitate development growth, promote new challenges and opportunities gave a great sense of love for making new events happen.

A remarkable reward of achievements in promoting new pragmatic ideas both in and out of the Insurance industry has cut a niche on the Insurance market.

Institutional sales and the first to acquire Accounting Code No for Accountant General’s Department mass deduction of insurance premiums are some of the achievements.

He was elevated to Centurion status for SIC Insurance Company and had several awards. After which he had the zeal to start something on his own. So together with some friends and partners stated Pexin enterprise Ltd in 1992 which later became Maxpal Intermediaries Ltd. Due to his experience in the working field, he has developed strength in some key areas such as good communication skills, analytical thinking, good team player and also self-motivated.

Over all these years, he always had an undying passion for Tourism and always had an aim to pursuit that dream. This ambition came into reality when TOSS was initially formed. Enthusiastically, he and his team members had spearheaded the crusade to enlighten people and also to finding solutions to the pertinent issues in our Tourism Industry. He believes Ghana has the potential of becoming the best tourist nation in Africa and world at large.


  • Tourism safety & security initiative(TOSS): A Tourism project adopted by MOTCC
  • The Omnibus Insurance Packager for car rentals Association: An innovative Motor policy for car rentals
  • Maxgaurd Insurance package for Ghana Hoteliers Associates: A comprehensive all risk insurance policy for hotels
  • Shuttle policy for road traveler: Special personal insurance policy an adept proposal for cash & carry in time of emergency
  • Effective Driver programme: A safe drive advocacy project document
  • Butterfly sanctuary project: An eco-tourism project
  • Accra Beautification project: Tourism attraction project document adopted by MOTCC