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Health Campaign

Health CampaignAfrica is one of the vulnerable continents in the world when it comes to sex tourism. In other words, the local people are easily convinced by some tourists and are lured into such immoral behaviours. 

The adversity of health and sex has become very critical in our society and is affecting the tourism industry in Africa. It is noted that African countries that are benefiting from tourism in terms of hosting a good number of visitors are at the same time vulnerable to the threat of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other strange diseases associated with sexual and other drug abuse practices. 


  • To collaborate with appropriate agencies such as National Aids Commission to campaign against health hazards such as HIV/AIDS, etc. in areas that tourists patronize.
  • To collaborate with appropriate agencies for the enhancement of health emergencies to protect tourists such as evacuation of the sick, injured and containment of communicable diseases
  • To advocate for enforcement of Local Government bye laws on health and sanitation to safeguard tourists.