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Insurance & Banking

Insurance and BankingOver the period, some tourists and other visitors to Ghana have fallen victims to pickpockets, thieves and thugs. Some tourists have even died from unfortunate activities of armed robbers, and in most cases, no preventive measures had previously been taken to safeguard their interest. In Insurance and Banking, a number of companies as well as other players in both industries have successfully embarked on product development and diversification, to avert some of these risks. 


  • To collaborate with relevant stakeholders, such as Insurance companies, owners of receptive facilities to ensure the provision of insurance products for all tourists facilities and tourists.
  • To collaborate with Bankers to educate and create awareness both local and overseas to both operators in the industry and tourists to be aware of the various facilities available for their use for the public to be ware that tourists no more have fiscal cash that make them vulnerable to thugs.